Beretta shotgun dating

Features The 950B is a single action only blowback design made of a carbon steel barrel and slide and an aluminum frame.The tip-up barrel design allows for one in the chamber and an 8-round magazine for a total of 9 rounds of .25 ACP, all without having to rack the slide or cock the hammer.It had a magazine capacity of 7 ctges., and an internal hammer. It had RE markings but was also sold commercially from 1923 to ca. It could be had with a combination shoulder stock-holster. Known specimens have wood grip pieces and show the RM crest, indicating that they were for Navy use. It was introduced in the early 1920's and one specimen dated 1935, with Serial No. It is believed that they were not sold commercially. (.380) This is a further streamlined version of the 1931 model, with sheathed plastic grip pieces (Figs. It was designed for and adopted by the Italian military service. The pistol had, at that time, been adopted by the Egyptian Army. Though it was reserved solely for military use up to 1956, this restriction seems now to have been removed. (Brng.) This was a blowback with internal hammer, Mauser pocket pistol type of barrel mounting, and a firing pin which acted as ejector. (Brng.) There seems to be some confusion concerning the proper nomenclature for this model. It was covered by 1915 patents and discontinued in 1919. type, but somewhat larger and provided with an ejector. Specimens were marked PS and some also were sold commercially from about 1920 to 1930. (Brng.) This was a somewhat modified and improved version of the 7.65 mm. A grip safety device which blocked the sear motion was added. 7 ctges., rifling 6-R.) This pistol is currently known as Mod.

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By Eugene Hamrick Going to the local gun shop and looking at the used gun section often ends with me drooling over the SIG SAUER collection that I can’t afford and leaving disappointed.

Occasionally I will buy something on the cheap that is unique and fun to shoot at the range, but rarely do I find anything that is applicable to my daily carry needs.

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