Before dating marriage

Therefore, there has at all times, and always will be, controversy about the interpretation of the word of God.

Although sin takes new forms, and these come in new manifestations, the words of Scripture stand firm and call these wickednesses by their proper name – sexual immorality.

As parents, brothers and sisters, we must always be filled with the goodness of God that leads to repentance.

The practical application of God’s eternal laws sets requirements for those who want to keep them.(Acts -20 and Acts -29) Here we see clearly that one cannot live for God as a disciple of Christ, while at the same time living together before marriage – living in adultery.When God wants to use the most beautiful and powerful image to describe the relationship between His Son Jesus Christ and His church, He uses the image of fidelity between the groom (Christ) and his pure bride (the church).It is when the light from heaven is extinguished that people with unclean spirits can find peace in the congregation.Such an assembly is without power and blessing and the seeking soul cannot find help.

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