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It's free, you don't have to put up a photo and you can fill in a fake profile if you want. ) sites, just be aware that men presenting themselves as single may not be.Don't go too mad though with your area or you won't see the relevant men for you and you can't change your age once it's on there. I think I saw an article with a conservative estimate of 30% .The truth is despite fancying some action I'm also in a kind of "men are twats" place mentally so I need to wait for the dust to settle. Hi I'm pretty much the same age and was in the same position as you . I particularly liked the ones looking for friendship and see where it goes profiles .Some say straight up they just want a casual no strings attached sex and some want a full on relationship and nothing less .I don't like the idea of just putting my details on a site until I'm really sure. Professional, highly educated, creative job, I'd be looking for interesting, sciency or creative Well if you're interested in flings, casual dating etc.So is it possible to kind of "lurk" on OLD sites without actually offering up your own details until you're ready? OLD is definitely for you; cause the majority of the men on there are looking for the same (!

If you are told, "Sorry, that is a civil matter," don't give up. As you become more confident you can add a photo and more details. If you use no photo or a photo of something other than yourself, you will not be contacted much/at all & you'll have to do the contacting ..Good luck, Saturday is usually a busy night on there, go for it! ppl will naturally ask for photos quite quickly and you can usually send them by some form of messaging.I can't remember but you can probably report them too. If you're wondering about the fourth guy, I married him Its simply not true all men treat online dating sites as a place to hook up there are plenty of guys looking for relationships.Sure, you'll find some guys looking for only sex and will say what ever to get there you'll also find those guys in your local bar hitting on a bar stool, they are by no means unique to online dating.

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