All online dating in the world

Looking for that special someone or companionship became a lot easier at the end of the 20th century with the invention and widespread adoption of the newest technological development: the internet.

As stated before dating websites are basically the modern variant of personal ads.

In deciding which dating app to subscribe to, users choose which part of their identity they want to emphasise in their dating life.

Dating apps have created a new online culture, making people do things they have never done before, like creating a number of online personas, all different depending on the medium they are using.

There are dating apps that focus on smaller communities, trying to connect people on certain common values or interests, for instance marginalised groups like homosexuals, ethnic minorities, but also elite groups, millionaires or extremely successful businessmen and -women.

It seems that dating apps try to come up with more and more unique subgroups to supply to everybody’s demands.

The niche dating apps illustrate Appadurai’s (1996) theory regarding the local effects of globalization: they make a global phenomenon like online dating more local by focusing on one specific (sub)culture or community.

In the US you can subscribe to meet people with the same political views as you (dating website for Donald Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters).

Just a little search on the internet will give you many different kinds of dating apps, such as dating apps for dog-owners, for beard-owners and beard lovers, and apps created by existing organizations, such as a meat company launching a dating app for meat lovers.

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