1920 s dating

Dating was new for many people but they enjoyed the fact of getting to know somebody without having to do a serious commitment.

Also, women weren't force to do the "housewife" role.

Women were also now allowed to divorce their husbands if wanted.

During the Progressive Era women worked to reform the politics and also the workforce conditions.

They wanted to cling to their youth for as long as they could and they took risks and were reckless.

They also wanted to be different than the women before them, so thy smoked, which was something only men had done previously.

Women during the 1920's were far less conservative compared to the women before their time.

Both single and married women we earning higher- paying jobs.They created what many consider the “modern” woman.During the 1920's the Women's Movement failed to make a few changes within women at home and the workforce, but they did accomplish some with morals and divorce.Women were much more than just staying home with their kids and doing house work.They become independent both financially and literally.

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